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Novella, Newark, NJ

“I had the pleasure of traveling with Nicole on several occasions (Paris, London and Amsterdam to name a few) and each time has been a unique and memorable traveling experience. As an organizer, Nicole ensures her guests are well aware of each step of the experience once the booking has been completed.


Each week, she provides updates, provides list of excursions to consider for the memories of the trip and has interactive activities so all guests can get to know each other prior to the travel. As a token of her appreciation of booking with her, she showers her guests with token gifts and captures all possible moments with pictures!


As an independent trip organizer, these small gestures mean a lot and will always push me to book future trips with My Adventurous Travel & Entertainment!  Travel with Nicole! You won't be disappointed.”

Titania, Philadelphia, PA

I have traveled with My Adventurous Travel & Entertainment two times.  The first was a wonderful European Cruise.  Nicole made sure of our safety and had plenty of off cruise excursions available. Next was our trip to Brazil for Carnival.  Once again, our trip advisor helped us explore the island with safety and fun.  If you want a great organized trip, please reach out to my favorite trip organizer.”

NIA, Chicago, IL

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